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Tooba Arshad
Author & Activist | Business Consultant | Teacher & Researcher

About Tooba

Tooba Arshad is a Pakistani author, activist, entrepreneur, business consultant, biomedical engineer, teacher and researcher.

Her literary journey began with the publication of her debut novel, “Unveiling the Unknown,” a mystery thriller penned at the young age of 16 and published in 2017. Tooba followed this accomplishment with “Outbreak,” a sci-fi thriller, which marks the first instalment of an eagerly anticipated series awaiting publication. Thanks to her poetic abilities, an anthology is also in the works. Moreover, she boasts over a decade of professional writing experience for international clients, showcasing her versatility across various genres.

Tooba is recognized for advocating empathy and vulnerability through her blogs, novels, and poetry. She takes this commitment further by utilizing various social media platforms, notably her YouTube podcast, to raise awareness about social and mental health issues. Moreover, she actively addresses those same issues for individuals who reach out to her in need.

Her mission as an activist is to foster a culture of free expression and authenticity without the fear of judgment. Tooba has been leading by example in that regard, openly sharing her lifelong battle against chronic illnesses such as Bipolar, Tachycardia, and Fibromyalgia, as well as against other social barriers.

On the business side of things, Tooba possesses a strong entrepreneurial spirit, evident from her multiple years of experience leading operational divisions of diverse international NewTech startups. Despite an unsuccessful attempt at launching her digital agency during the challenges of the COVID era, she currently offers business consultancy services to clients worldwide.

Achieving academic excellence in all qualifications, culminating in a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, Tooba holds several years of research and teaching experience in the same field as well. Her unconventional teaching methods promote self-awareness through practical learning, while her research focuses on using AI to help rehabilitate individuals with disabilities.

With an unwavering passion for self-expression and a vision of nurturing a mindful community where everyone is respected and cared for, Tooba Arshad aims to inspire change by living it every day.

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