Vengeance - Yay OR Nay?

I don’t consider myself a vengeful person. People take pride in their resolve for revenge, in their anger and in their spite. It glorifies their purpose and gives meaning to their life. But that has never been the case for me – or at least, I outgrew it ages ago. My rebelliousness, however, is no secret; I may not always do well with authority, but I still wouldn’t downright hurt those who wield it against my wishes. Makes me wonder, am I living it wrong?

Truth be told, I don’t quite understand the concept. If someone knowingly hurts you and stands by it, is it not obvious that they do not care? Why is it then, that you spend days thinking of the hurt and nights plotting your revenge, letting them take so much out of you? Is it not wrong that you care when they certainly don’t?

Healing from that hurt is necessary, yes; giving yourself the time to do so, also yes. But after that, why not just let them be and move on? Why the need to hurt them back? Don’t trust them, don’t talk to them, but what difference does it make if you win over them or not?

Think about it – is it not an absolute waste of time and energy better spent elsewhere? If I decided to take revenge on every person who had wronged me, I wouldn’t get to figure out my true purpose. I would be straying away from all the things that do need my attention, while caught up in my schemes of “bringing the enemies down”. That just sounds overly dramatic, not to mention empty, suffocating and lonely as hell. How’s that for a fulfilling life, eh?

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Blog: Vengeance – Yay OR Nay?