We're All Struggling

I’m not here to ask for help. I’m not here to call for prayer. I’m not here for sympathy or pity. I’m here to show you what it’s like to fight your own mind. I’m here to assure you that you are not alone – you, huddled in a corner, struggling to make it through the day, unable to reach out, scared to speak up – I see you, I feel you, and I would like to know you.

I won’t be here for you, and neither would you be for me. Because we both know how hard it is for us to be there for ourselves even, let alone someone else. I’m not gonna pretend that we can fix each other, but maybe, if we’re lucky enough, we can be less lonely together.

You get help when you can, you speak up when you can. You are not a coward, believe that. I can’t understand your struggle, and you can’t understand mine. But let’s just all agree – we’re all f***ing struggling.

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Blog: We’re All Struggling