What's Better - Struggle or the Acceptance of Change?

There are days when you feel that things will get better. And on some days, they do. But then there are days when everything is a struggle – when nothing seems to matter, when nothing seems to ever get better…

And you start wondering: were those better days even real or was that just another high? Is this struggle even worth it? You’re fighting to get better, you’re fighting your very darkness. But what if this is who you are? And the reason you’re not winning is that you cannot change who you fundamentally are.

Maybe it’s better to just accept things as they are – maybe that will help ease the struggle, maybe that will help things get better! Aaaand we’re back where we started – hoping and striving to get better… Not sure if this drive is a blessing or a curse.

I had always been someone who accepted things as they were and just tried making the best of them. It was all about survival. But things have changed – I have felt the power of change, the power of saying no, the power to push back. It’s about living now, a better life even, and that may as well be the death of me… Acceptance brought peace, struggle does not. But what is peace if not the acceptance of struggle?

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Blog: What’s Better – Struggle or the Acceptance of Change?